Diary of Anna the Girl Witch

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Anna the Girl Witch, by Max Candee is an interesting weaving of fiction and folklore. Although it had a slow start, the mystery surrounding Irvigne Manor and Anna’s heritage drew me in. As an orphan, Anna never knew her parents but instead was raised by Uncle Misha and Mama Bear in the Russian wilderness. On her thirteenth birthday, Anna is about to discover that not only is she not an orphan, but her family is more than a little bit strange.

An Unusual Sidekick

Samwise Gamgee and Hermione have nothing on Squire.  Sure, they may be loyal, but can they fit into a backpack? One of my favourite characters in this book was Squire, a disembodied hand. Maybe it’s the fact that for a “sidekick” character, a hand is unusual, but I also felt that the author still manages to infuse such warmth into his character without actually showing any facial expressions or body language other than bobbing and tickling. I think what I liked about Squire was that despite his macabre appearance, he isn’t scary or evil. He’s just…unusual.

A Sneaking Suspicion

The best part of any children’s book (I think) is the sneaking around that occurs as the story progresses and this book was no exception. Whether she was sneaking out to the forest to light a candle and discover more about her family or tip-toeing around the expansive orphanage in Geneva, Anna seems to always find a way to duck the rules and in the process, she takes the readers with her.

A Complex Character

Throughout the book, Anna struggles to uncover who she really is (other than being a witch, of course). While she ultimately discovers that there is a little bit of good and not-so-good in everyone, I thought that the portrayal of her struggle was honest. There were several times where Anna has impulses to do things that aren’t so heroic, but I think that her role models –Anne Frank and Malala Yousafzai — tempers her development and gives the reader a deeper understanding of who Anna is becoming.

If you love a good middle-grade mystery with some supernatural intrigue, then be sure to pick up Diary of Anna the Girl Witch!

What are your favourite supernatural sidekicks?

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