A Pride Reading List of Rom-Coms

Who doesn’t love a good reading list to get excited about something cool? Since Pride is officially here, I’ll be releasing a few different reading lists–one for each age group. Because a) Pride is awesome and b) there are so many awesome books that this list would be way too long for one post. In this week’s post, I’ll be curating a list of LGBTQ+ romcoms (in no particular order).

  1. Boyfriend Material, by Alexis Hall – This sizzling, sexy read has the best dialogue I’ve read in a long time. It’s smart, stupendously funny and it would probably even look good in a tux, if, you know, books wore tuxes. Just read it. Read it now, before the sequel, Husband Material comes out!
  2. The Charm Offensive, by Alison Cochrun – Bachelor fans rejoice! Here is a fantastic Bachelor-esque read. It’s quick-paced, sweet and fun.
  3. She Gets the Girl, by Alyson Derrick and Rachel Lippincott – A perfect hate-to-love YA rom com for the summer months! When Alex volunteers to help Molly get her swerve on to show her ex that she’s not a selfish flirt and hopefully win her back, things get complicated when Alex and Molly start to fall for each other…
  4. I Kissed Shara Wheeler, by Casey McQuiston – Chloe Green is so close to winning valedictorian, when her rival, perfect prom queen Shara Wheeler kisses her and then disappears…
  5. I’m SO Not Over You, by Kosoko Jackson – When Kian Andrews gets an urgent text from his ex boyfriend, Hudson Rivers, he thinks maybe he’ll finally get that apology for breaking up, but instead, Hudson needs Andrew to pretend like they are still together… (What could go wrong?)
  6. Chef’s Kiss, by Jarrett Melendez – Things start to heat up in the kitchen in this sweet graphic novel…
  7. Love, Hate & Clickbait, by Liz Bowery – Political consultant Thom Morgan wishes that he didn’t have to deal with smug Clay Parker, but when a journalist snaps a photo of them that makes it look like they’re kissing, the governor asks them to lean into it.
  8. Blaine for the Win, by Robbie Couch – Blaine Powers wants his ex boyfriend to see that he can be serious too. The answer? Run for senior class president!
  9. Something Fabulous, by Alexis Hall – The Duke of Malvern is betrothed to one twin, but hopelessly in love with the other. But when his intended flees, he finds himself on a wild hunt around the countryside with Bonny, Arabella’s brother and it makes him question everything he ever knew about love.
  10. Book Boyfriend, by Kris Ripper – What’s not to love about a secret crush that turns into a romance? When he is spurned by his crush, PK turns to his writing skills and writes himself as the perfect boyfriend and soon everyone has a crush on his fictionalized self.

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