A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting

Bridgerton fans, rejoice! If you’re a fan of swoon-worthy bachelors in regency dress, look no further than A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting. This book will keep you reading up late into the night with its scheming heroine, delightful banter and all manner of hi-jinks.

The Scheming!

When Kitty Talbot is jilted by her fiance, she knows that she’ll have to do something drastic to save her family from financial ruin. At every twist and turn, Kitty finds a new scheme to find the richest bachelor during the London Season. I know that this is not a new trope, but I loved it anyway. It was so well executed that I honestly couldn’t put it down. I absolutely loved the delightfully devious plots that Kitty thinks up! There is no end to her scheming and it makes her such a joy to read.

The Banter!

Apart from all of the scheming, the banter between Kitty and Radcliffe is delightfully funny and sexy. Right from the start Kitty and Radcliffe have sizzling chemistry and their banter is so fast-paced and hilarious that it kept me reading late into the night. I especially liked that at every turn Radcliffe tries to thwart Kitty’s efforts–until they are forced to work together. I always like it when the “adhesive” in a romance is something that requires the two romantic leads to work together to achieve a goal, because it always feels like we get to see them growing together in a more organic way.

The Will-They-Won’t-They!

Admittedly, the story takes a little while to unfold before Radcliffe enters the picture. BUT it’s all really good context to have, so I can hardly fault Irwin. Because the POV switches between Radcliffe and Kitty in each chapter, we get to see what each of them is thinking and it makes them both completely lovable. What I loved most about Kitty and Radcliffe was the delightful way that even when they were most annoyed at each other, they always seemed to find one another. The slow build was excellently done. Radcliffe is so suspicious of Kitty (and rightfully so!) but I think that suspicion lends itself well to what becomes grudging respect and finally love. It felt more honest this way and it was fun to root for Radcliffe and Kitty.

Read this book! Read it now! If you’re looking for a great read to fill that Bridgerton-shaped hole in your life, look no further than “A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting.”

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