The Heir Affair

Bex and Nick are back with more drama in The Heir Affair, the sequel I’ve been waiting for pretty much since I devoured The Royal We. It is just as dishy and no-less entertaining as the first in the series, and well worth a read.

It’s Complicated

The relationship between Bex and Nick gets more complicated as they try to recover from the scandal surrounding their wedding while also navigating being newlyweds and Royals. It was fun to read about their duties, the parties and sneaking out of the palace. Although their story slowed down near the middle, I read on, because I was already rooting for them after The Royal We.

One of the best parts of The Heir Affair was the friendship that grows between Bex and Queen Eleanor. It was extremely cute to watch them bond over watching sports. I’m always happy to see strong female friendships being portrayed, and in this case, it was doubly heartwarming, considering that Eleanor is often a nemesis for Bex.

A Multi-Layered Romance

Just like The Royal We, readers experience parts of the plot through newspaper articles and blog content. I liked this little bit of verisimilitude in the first book and it is used again in The Heir Affair too, only this time we also encounter a new character–Georgina–through her journal entries. It gives the narrative depth in surprising ways. I’m a sucker for anything that plays with narrative structure and The Heir Affair definitely satisfies.

Satisfying to the Last Dishy Drop

There is so much to love about this book, with all of the scandalous reveals, sneaking around and infighting, it makes for a quick and deliciously dishy read. I liked where they left Bex and Nick’s story, too. Without giving anything away, it felt like the ending made sense and satisfied all of my questions. (Although I kind of hope that there is a third book, I was happy with the ending as it was, except maybe for Freddie’s ending, which felt a little bit disappointing.)

Overall, The Heir Affair is a fun, flirty read with lots of delightful surprises along the way.


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